The chinese goldrush is over: Corporate Jet & Helicopter Finance Asia 2013 review


Sun over shanghai

I probably should stop judging events by “mood” – which isn’t really a real thing and is entirely subjective – but the mood at our annual Asian conference this week was markedly different this week compared to the first two events.

The one thing that has not changed is everyone’s belief that Asia will become a key business jet market on a par with Europe, and perhaps eventually, North America. But the difference now is that everyone accepts that it will not happen straight away.

According to Asian Sky Group, Greater China – which, because it is so large, dominates people’s thoughts – has taken delivery of 37 aircraft in the first half of 2013 (including seven pre-owned), compared to the 96 that it added in 2012.

Clearly, the fleet’s growth is slowing. But it is still continuing to grow.

Everyone in Asia appreciates that the market will only increase in importance, but the gold rush mentality has gone. People realise that there are great opportunities in the region, but you have to work hard to get them.

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