XO’s AI plans promise ‘more accessible & affordable future’


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*XO publishes report on AI, machine learning, data design, and predictive analytics in private aviation.

*Such innovative technologies will enable the company to deliver “a more accessible and affordable future for private aviation”.

*XO claims to have reduced the booking process by more than 98%, delivering a start-to-booking experience that “takes only seconds to complete”.

XO, part of Vista, the world’s first private aviation ecosystem, has published a report outlining how AI, machine learning, data design, and predictive analytics are allowing the company to create a more accessible and affordable future for private aviation.

The XO platform is a sophisticated, complex suite of proprietary technology tools that continually monitor and manage occupancy, positioning, and demand. This has allowed XO to transform a legacy industry into one that is transparent, efficient, and accessible, making its membership classes and benefits more meaningful and valuable, thanks to the underlying architecture that links them all.

XO’s accomplishments are manifest across these four integrated and co-dependent operational, product and service areas.

  • *Aircraft Utilization: personally owned aircraft fly roughly 250 hours per year. At XO, the dedicated fleet flies more than 1,000 hours per year, increasing utilization four times. The platform allows XO to visualize and manage tens of thousands of flight hours per year, making XO private aviation charter roughly four times more efficient than private jet ownership.
  • *Floating Fleet: XO has driven innovation in the private aviation industry from a historic home-based approach to a floating fleet of aircraft, made possible by XO’s predictive analytics, which optimizes routes, fleet, and crew. The legacy model – in which the fleet has no choice but to return to the home base – creates massive inefficiencies where aircraft fly empty 50% of the time. XO’s floating fleet model cuts this in half or up to 25%, increasing efficiencies and delivering on the accessibility and sustainability promise that is core to our mission.
  • *Instant Booking and Guaranteed Pricing: XO has reduced the private aviation booking process from a multiday, multitouch approach to one that is completed in seconds.  XO instantly analyzes multiple data sets that measure derived demand through various proprietary insights and computational processes. This technology allows XO members and clients convenient ways to search and instantly book seats with pricing that is based on demand and delivered instantly and guaranteed.
  • *Shared Charter: On average, fewer than three passengers are aboard a private aircraft; shared flights organized by XO address this inefficiency by flying ten or more passengers, increasing seating efficiency. In 2021 alone, XO has arranged over 1,200 shared flights; each flight had a standard of 14 passengers; this translates into a potential savings of around 36,000 tons of co2 (tco2). This revolutionary product allows the existing supply base of private jets to be used more efficiently, increasing availability and reducing costs for clients – on average, XO members and clients save up to 10x by booking a seat vs. a traditional private charter.

XO continues to innovate and propel an aviation ecosystem for an open future, more widely available than ever before, transparent, efficient, and more sustainable. XO uplifts forward-looking leaders and movers, helping them make an even more positive impact. Read the full report here.


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