Windsor Capital acquires stake in Farnborough Aircraft Interiors


Glen, Tom and Dave of Synergy Aviation

Windsor Capital is the new name of the investment vehicle set up by Dave Edwards, Glen Heavens, and Tom Wells.

Although the company has been operating for a year, it has already made several strategic acquisitions, including aviation recruitment firm Oaklands Global, digital marketing company Lazy River and centralised load control company Flying Support.

But a new investment in UK-based interior completions specialist, Farnborough Aircraft Interiors, forced the team to consolidate the company, naming it Windsor Capital LLC in the process.

The investment strategy is straightforward, with co-founder Dave Edwards explaining that it is not only capital that Windsor provide but also the skills that he and the other founders have built up over their careers.

Edwards and Wells both had long careers with Gama Aviation. Edwards, having eventually taken on the role of managing the company’s Asia and Middle East interests, left Gama to run Qatar Executive, a position he stayed in for over six years. Wells had been the European managing director for Gama.

Heavens, who originally set up Synergy Aviation 14 years ago, added Edwards and Wells to the Synergy board of directors in 2016, with a view that the pair would bring with them the knowledge that the company needed to move more into large-cabin business-jet operations.

Synergy Aviation is now also part of Windsor Capital.

Windsor Capital’s strategy is about diversifying its assets, and this can be seen it its acquisitions so far. Edwards says that it is working on two more investments in the near term, although declines to talk further about what they are, saying that if he were to explain what one of the companies does, it would be easy guess who it is.

None of the companies that Edwards is talking to would conflict with other companies in the Windsor portfolio. Edwards is keen to stress this diversification means that the companies all complement each other.

“I sometimes think of it like a dartboard, in that if you could see what the whole dartboard would look like, it would make it would make sense what we are trying to invest in so far.

But If you can’t see the whole dartboard you wouldn’t necessarily get the concept of why we have done what we have done so far.”