When Women are Empowered, They Soar: Pili Barker


24 March 2021 – Women have been influential leaders within Textron Aviation and in the aviation industry since the company’s beginnings as Cessna and Beechcraft. Carrying on that legacy, Textron Aviation continue to work and inspire women to soar in their careers, aspirations or aircraft.

Women’s History Month is about celebrating the contributions and achievements of Women in America. For Textron Aviation, it is especially important to recognise the outstanding women in aviation.

Pili Barker shares her journey of empowerment, from the strength displayed by her mother, to being empowered to succeed herself, to now being an inclusive leader for female voices on her own team.

Pili Barker, Manager, Special Missions Bids and Proposal said: “I would like to create an environment where women are given the freedom to speak and be listened to. Once they are empowered to make changes, you can’t stop them.”

Textron released a short video on Pili Barker’s journey