Wheels Up partners with MAG Aerospace to increase pilot hires


Wheels Up has partnered with aerospace defence company MAG Aerospace to expand career opportunities for pilots through their joint Pathway Development Program.

The programme allows current and former MAG military pilots to move their employment to Wheels Up when moving back to civilian life. Or pilots can choose to take a leave of absence from MAG and take a temporary role with Wheels Up.

Through the scheme, pilots can make a risk-free move and expand their professional skills, while it allows Wheels Up to secure more pilots and combat shortages that are hitting the industry.

“This talent pipeline is an attractive, accelerated pathway for pilots and allows us to continue to deliver a premium experience for our members by working with the best in the industry,” said Stevens Sainte-Rose, chief people officer, Wheels Up.

Robert Heller, executive vice president, Surveillance, Engineering and Communication, MAG said: “The partnership with Wheels Up will allow pilots to bring the level of commitment and excellence they learned in service and further expand their strategic military skillset into meaningful civilian careers.”

Back in August, Wheels Up launched a partnership with ATP Flight School, the largest US flight school, to build a pilot pipeline. Conditional job offers were made after pilots hit 1,200 hours as King Air 350, Citation CJ3 or Beechjet 400 first officers.