Weststar Aviation AW139 fleet achieves 20,000 flying hours


Malaysia’s Weststar Aviation services fleet of AgustaWestland AW139 helicopters has achieved 20,000 flying hours in just 18 months.

                                Weststar award
AgustaWestland announced that the AW139 intermediate twin-engine helicopter fleet operated by Weststar Aviation Services of Malaysia has achieved the milestone of 20,000 flying hours, just 18 months after their first AW139 entered service in April 2011.

Weststar is the largest civil operator of AW139 helicopters in Asia and has ordered 16 AW139s with 12 aircraft already in service.

Vincenzo Alaimo, head of region and managing director, AgustaWestland Malaysia Sdn Bhd said “We congratulate Weststar Aviation Services on achieving the milestone of 20,000 hours in such a short time, accomplishing its missions in demanding environmental and operational conditions.”

Alaimo added “We now look forward to celebrating future milestones with Weststar Aviation Services who’s set to be one of the first operators to introduce into service the complete AgustaWestland Family of new generation helicopters having ordered AW189s and AW169s to complement their AW139 fleet.”

Weststar will be the first operator worldwide to benefit from the commonality in design across the AW139, AW169 and AW189 family of new generations helicopters.