West Star has acquired a roll around Hawker 125 landing gear ship set


The acquisition will allow more flexibility during maintenance

West Star Aviation has
acquired a roll-around HS125 700A/B/800A/B/XP series landing gear ship
set.  This ship set will allow West Star to remove the original landing
gear from an aircraft while still having the capability to reposition the
aircraft as required for any additional services.

The roll-around gear
supports decreased downtime during gear swaps and multi-shop events where paint
is tied to airframe maintenance and gear overhauls. In addition, West Star
Aviation can support in-house gear overhauls/repairs on HS125 700A/B, 800A/B,
1000A/B, 750XP, 800XP, 850XP and 900XP series landing gear.

“This roll-around ship set will
offer a whole new solution for operators who would like to have their aircraft
serviced during a gear restoration,” says Steve Goede, accessories programme manager,
West Star Aviation. “In most facilities, once the landing gear is removed, the
aircraft must remain stationary. This roll-around ship set allows West Star to
overcome this obstacle and complete multiple services at once, decreasing
customers’ downtime.”