West Star Aviation repairs Challenger 601 after bird strike


Shows repair of birdstike damage to nose of CL601

West Star Aviation has repaired a Bombardier Challenger 601, after a bird strike grounded the aircraft at Houston, Texas (KHOU).

Technicians traveller to Texas from the West Star Aviation Perryville (PCD) MRO facility, and began an evaluation. After documenting the extent of the damage, the West Star AOG/MRT (aircraft-on-ground/mobile repair team) contacted an outside DER (designated engineering representatives) team. But, due to the damage location, it was unable to support a temporary repair to facilitate a ferry.

Instead, West Star’s onsite DER team was used to provide the required support. Working with the West Star Aviation engineering team, it designed a repair that ensured a safe ferry. Materials and equipment that could be sourced locally, were located and procured. All other items were found by the West Star Aviation Parts Team and shipped on-site.

The temporary repair required that they straighten the bent frame so the door would close normally. Then, a combination of existing fasteners was used and rows were added to secure a doubler for the ferry flight.

West Star Aviation created a transfer template with plexiglass and used that to locate the repair doubler to the fuselage. After sealing it down and installing it with blind and solid rivets, the aircraft was ready to be transported to the company’s repair station for permanent repair before being returned to service.

The AOG/MRT responders were Chad Head and Patrick Presnell. Don Carver was the Perryville DER specialist.

Repair of birdstike damage on a Challenger 601.