West Star Aviation Promotes COVID-19 Mitigation Steps for the Safety of Customers and Employees


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April 16, 2020 – West Star Aviation is continuing to operate at all of its full service and satellite locations as an essential business in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The company has instituted multi-level safety and mitigation procedures as a way to better protect employees, customers and their assets. Like many companies, a portion of West Star’s staff are working remotely, but a large portion of in-house functions still require staff to be on site at all of the facilities.

As such, West Star has instituted temperature checkpoints, to quickly assess both employees and customers entering all facilities. These staff members are working tirelessly to meet customer needs as always, but with proper social distancing protocols in place. Most recently, West Star has implemented a temporary mandate that requires all customers and employees to wear protective masks that cover the nose and mouth when in West Star facilities.

This step was taken in accordance with CDC, state and federal health recommendations as one of the most effective ways to help mitigate or avoid infection with the COVID-19 virus.

Additionally, while there are currently no FAA or OEM guidelines on the disinfection of aircraft, the dedicated detail teams at our full-service locations are disinfecting customer aircraft by hand, upon arrival and departure. As an added level of safety, the full-service facilities at ALN, GJT, CHA and PCD now have portable CURIS Decontamination Systems onsite for use on arrival and departure.

These systems can be deployed effectively upon request if the customer desires an extra step in decontamination. Concerns can be determined through pre-planning questionnaires and ample communication with West Star staff at the requested location.

As noted above, all West Star facilities are considered essential businesses and are open to serve customer needs, with these increased safety measures to protect both customers and employees alike. Safety measures and protocol will continue to be updated as deemed necessary and any additional details about the current situation will be provided on the website or contact West Star directly for further information.

“The safety of our employees, vendors and customers is always our main priority, so reinforcing our current requirements as well as adding additional levels of precautionary practices and disinfectant services is of critical importance to West Star Aviation. We feel confident that going above and beyond on these safety measures, West Star can continue to effectively and efficiently service our customers’ needs. Every ounce of preventive measure is worth it if we can become a part of the solution to this current situation,” stated Jim Rankin, CEO.