West Star Aviation implements corridor go via iPads to untether Technicians and Improve Shop Floor efficiency


West Star Aviation Technician

23 March 2021 – As part of a company-wide objective of improving efficiency and further reducing downtimes, West Star Aviation has implemented the Corridor Go program that will put custom configured iPads in the hands of over 600 technicians.  The new technology will improve the scaling of the overall work process on the shop floor, leading to a simpler way of work.

West Star distributed custom configured iPads to technicians in PCD last fall as part of a beta-test with Corridor Go.  Through this testing we found how useful an iPad is to a technician beyond accessing Corridor Go.  Our GJT location finished distributing iPads this week and is currently focusing on CHA and ALN with company-wide implementation, including applicable affiliate companies, completed by the end of May 2021.  This gives the West Star Technical Teams access to the latest technical information, including specific vendor issued apps (ex. GoGo, L5 Install) and OEM maintenance manuals. Technicians can also order parts directly from their iPads without having to leave the work area.  The program will have wide ranging benefits as related to aircraft services, airframe maintenance, avionics installation/repair, NDT and window repair services.

The iPad provides access to West Star’s proprietary systems, such as our internal communication channel and learning management system for “on-demand training”.  This type of training enables technicians to immediately access company developed training, FAA specific training along with virtual maintenance initial training provided by our partners without technicians looking for a way to connect.  The result is a technical team that is up to date with requirements from valued customers, partners and vendors.

“This substantial investment in technology is aimed at simplifying workflow wherever possible by providing a more digitally enabled work environment.  By providing hardware that provides quick access to technical data, training material and safety certification content in the hands of the technicians, we are continuing to empower our people to succeed,” said Katie Johnson, Vice President, Human Resources.