West Star Aviation expands second shifts at all Full Service locations


West Star Aviation

25 March 2021 – West Star Aviation is expanding second shifts at their four full-service locations to improve overall efficiency and reduce turn times. The second shift efforts implemented to date have reduced turn times by as much as 25-30% in certain instances.

West Star is also adding new technology allowing for on-demand tech training.  As part of a larger company-wide objective aimed at maximizing efficiencies throughout the organisation, West Star has also developed and implemented a new Learning Management System (LMS) that allows access to their on-demand technical training system via iPad.

The new training measures ensure that virtual maintenance training provided by our partners can be efficiently completed without technicians looking for a way to connect.  The result is a technical team that is up to date with requirements from valued customers, partners and vendors.  The West Star LMS also captures their own technical experts performing certain tasks, and then creates a library for newer technicians to watch and reference.  This has been shown to accelerate their development and technical expertise by learning directly from more experienced technicians.

“We are improving several aspects of our workflow process as a larger overall objective,” said Dave Krogman, General Manager (GJT). “Resulting in the most skilled technicians providing the quickest service to our valued customers,” Krogman continued.