VOO wins at the MEA Business Achievement Awards


VOO has won a prize in the Ground-Breaking Products and Services in Aviation category at the MEA Business Achievement Awards held this week in Dubai. 

This recognition is the second award for VOO after winning Technology Innovation of the Year Award earlier this year. The firm unveiled its instant booking technology at EBACE last month in partnership with its launching customer charter firm GlobeAir. 

Robert Plhak, CEO at VOO flights said: “Winning a second prestigious award within a short timeframe is truly remarkable. It’s a great validation of the transformative power of our technology and the dedication of our entire team. This recognition further motivates us to push the boundaries of innovation on the way to make our platform the industry standard.”

The platform streamlines the traditionally complex booking process for both brokers and operators, eliminating back-and-forth negotiations and manual paperwork. Through VOO’s platform, brokers gain instant access to GlobeAir’s aircraft availability and pricing, enabling them to generate swift and accurate offers for their clients. The technology won first place from a shortlist of 18.

“It’s time for business aviation to embrace technology that optimises processes and improves the experience for all business aviation professionals. VOO is here to lead the charge, and these awards encourage us to inspire the adoption of innovative solutions across the industry,” added Plhak.