Volato reveals first HondaJet equipped with SmartSky


A HondaJet similar to the aircraft equipped with SmarkSky connectivity. (Photo credit: Honda Aircraft Company).

Fractional business jet provider Volato has revealed the first HondaJet in its fleet to be equipped with the SmartSky LITE in-flight connectivity system; claimed to be the only streaming-level connectivity solution for small business aircraft.

SmartSky’s next-generation Air-to-Ground (ATG) in-flight connectivity network is designed to deliver premium performance for every seat on the aircraft. Solutions are available for all sizes of business aircraft with supplemental type certificates (STCs) available and in progress for more than 16,000 in-service models.

Volato aims to exceed customer expectations on every flight, according to Matt Liotta, CEO of Volato. “The addition of SmartSky’s next-generation inflight connectivity is a direct response to customer feedback and underscores our commitment to delivering a superior in-flight experience,” he said. “Early feedback indicates our passengers will be thrilled with the seamless connection and blazing-fast speeds.”

Paul Sameit, vice president of Fleet and Reseller Accounts for SmartSky added: “We couldn’t be happier for Volato and their customers who are now enjoying the benefits of SmartSky when they fly.”

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