Volato releases extra 100 jet cards


Atlanta-based fractional provider Volato has released 100 additional Stretch jet cards, which aim to reward flexibility in charter booking.

The company, which currently has a fleet of 11 HondaJet Elites and expects a delivery of five more this year, awards Stretch Credits for a more flexible flight itinerary, which add more time to customers’ flight hours.

Matt Liotta, CEO, Volato told Corporate Jet Investor (CJI) that the company wants customers to “stretch their jet cards out”. He said: “Like every other jet card, you buy a certain number of hours, but that is where the similarities start and end. Uniquely, the Stretch jet card is for fliers with a flexible travel schedule.”

The day before a flight, Volato confirms a departure time depending on its schedule. The greater the difference between requested departure time and actual departure time, the more Stretch credits will be awarded to a customer’s jet card. Customers will also be given credits for arriving or departing from a different nearby airport rather than their requested one.

Liotta added: “The more flexibility we request, the more customers are rewarded with Stretch credits or bonus flight time, which effectively stretches their jet card hours further. It’s a win-win as it helps us operationally while rewarding our customers.”

At the CJI Miami 2022 conference, Liotta said the one-year-old company expects to bring in more than $100m in revenue by the end of this year. He added: “We have about 70 or so [fractional] owners right now and we’re continuing to add to that.”

Volato is partnered with 4AIR to offset 100% of the CO2 on every gallon of fuel used.  

In September, the company announced it will be the first to offer Gulfstream G280 aircraft on its fractional programme, having ordered four to be delivered in 2024.