Vistajet and Beijing Airlines sign MoU


MoU should lead to long term partnership sgreement

VistaJet has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Beijing Airlines which is intended to lead to a long-term major partnership agreement.

The MOU, which will investigate joint marketing, sales and operational opportunities, will see VistaJet, which already flies to key Chinese destinations, establishing a formal presence in China with a base in Beijing and eventually operating point-to-point within China.

Thomas Flohr, chairman of VistaJet said “This is a historic announcement for VistaJet.  We have been targeting China as a major market for expansion and our new partnership with Beijing Airlines will allow us to rapidly build a presence in this very fast growing market which epitomises the massive shift over the last decade in global trade from West to East.”

Flohr continued “VistaJet is connecting entrepreneurs with their next major project, their next business partner, often in remote locations either underserved by commercial airlines or from where direct routes to other key business locations do not exist.  As an entrepreneur, you cannot afford to spend up to three days flying commercially between Harbin and Khartoum. Nor are you going to want to fly on some of the airlines that will get you there.  With our modern, state-of-the-art long-haul fleet, VistaJet is directly connecting locations such as East Asia with East Africa in up to a third of the time and in style.”

“It would appear that our Chinese customers, many of whom run major global enterprises and are extremely discerning, have realised the benefits of flying VistaJet and we look forward to flying them further and more often,” said Flohr

Following the agreement of a long-term partnership agreement, VistaJet would increase the number of aircraft available to service the Chinese market including locating a number of aircraft in the country.

Ian Moore, chief commercial officer commented “No one else in the private business aviation sector is taking delivery of brand new aircraft at the rate we are, nor is anyone more committed to maintaining the youngest fleet in the skies. It is a bold step and another example of our commitment to providing a unique customer experience.”

Thomas Flohr concluded “China has long been a priority market for us, especially when we saw the significant levels of demand for our services. Our growing Chinese customer base is clearly impressed with our product and we now have the opportunity to build a major presence to serve this important market.”

Finally Flohr said “The agreement we have announced today gives us a major platform to establish a leading presence on the ground and I look forward soon to declaring VistaJet as China’s preferred luxury aviation company.” VistaJet has signed a historic Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Beijing Airlines which is intended to lead to a long-term major partnership agreement.