VistaJet renews fine dining partnership with Nobu


VistaJet is renewing its fine dining partnership with chef Nobu Matsuhisa and celebrating the extension with the creation of a new salmon dish.

This dish – centred on farm-raised Scottish Salmon with the kelp ingredient kombu and dry miso – is available exclusively to passengers flying onboard VistaJet’s aircraft.

A spokeswoman told Corporate Jet Investor that members consistently request in-flight meals from Matsuhisa. “At VistaJet, we work to ensure our members have the same level of quality and service in the sky as they would expect on the ground,” said the spokeswoman. “We value our partnership with Nobu, a demonstration of our commitment to creating simple, perfectly executed and seamless experiences to be enjoyed anytime and anywhere.”

Diego Sabino, vice president of Private Dining, VistaJet said the company is on a quest to transform the private dining experience in the air by providing flavours to savour. “Simple things, big flavors and the best ingredients prepared and cooked to perfection will always travel well. We have explored the art and science of dining, so our members can cherish time together on board, with the right taste, whatever the occasion.”

Dining at 45,000ft – higher than Mount Everest – presents special challenges to both chef and their clients. Altitude, humidity, increased noise and movement all affect the dining experience. The impacts range from how we perceive different tastes to how food and drink is metabolised. VistaJet curates the menu on every flight with each dish prepared for high-altitude dining – considering the effects of elevation, lower humidity, and increased noise and movement on tastebuds and senses, according to the company.

In particular, cabin air reduces the aroma that, together with taste, makes flavour, with up to 80% of what people think is taste is, in fact, smell. Even though a VistaJet Global 7500 flying at 45,000ft has an equivalent air pressure of only 4,500ft and a controlled humidity level, a difference can be noticeable, according to the company.

Leona Qi, president, VistaJet US highlighted the importance of top tier cuisine served in the air. “At VistaJet, we work to ensure our members have the same level of quality and service in the sky as they would expect on the ground. We value our partnership with Nobu, a demonstration of our commitment to creating simple, perfectly executed and seamless experiences to be enjoyed anytime and anywhere.”

Commenting on his new signature dish Matsuhisa said: “I’m delighted to continue our partnership with VistaJet and to introduce Nobu Steamed Salmon Dry Miso a new and exciting dish created exclusively for their clients. Like Nobu, VistaJet is a global brand dedicated to offering their guests an unparalleled experience in world class service and I look forward to our continued partnership for many miles to come.

VistaJet’s onboard library collection includes The Little Book of Dining in the Sky. This unveils the art and science behind dining with suggestions and expert advice dedicated to exploring the pleasures of dining at altitude. An online version of the book is available here.

Pioneering a new-style Japanese cuisine, Nobu started as a business partnership in 1994 between chef Nobu Matsuhisa and his partners: actor Robert De Niro, producer Meir Teper, and restaurateur Drew Nieporent.

Above: Airborne luxury on a plate: chef Nobu Matsuhisa’s new dish – featuring 

Scottish Salmon with kombu and dry miso – celebrates the extension of the

partnership with VistaJet.