Bombardier and VistaJet announce the biggest order in business aviation history


Bombardier announced $7.8 billion order for business aircraft - the largest business aircraft sale in the company’s history. VistaJet firm order for 56 Global jets and options for another 86 aircraft.

VistaJet Bombardier

Bombardier today announced the largest single transcation in the history of business aviation, with VistaJet, the Swiss luxury aviation company, signing a deal for up to 142 Global business jets worth more than $7.8 billion.

Steve Ridolfi, president of Bombardier Business Aircraft and Thomas Flohr, founder and chairman of VistaJet both appeared in London (UK) this morning to jointly announce the record-breaking deal, which includes firm orders for 56 Global jets – worth approximately $3.1 billion – and options for a further 86 Global jets.

The firm order comprises 25 Global 5000, 25 Global 6000 and six Global 8000 jets. Deliveries of these aircraft will begin in 2014. The agreement also includes options for 40 Global 5000, 40 Global 6000 and six Global 8000 jets.

“By any standard, this is a historic order for Bombardier. It goes without saying that we are thrilled VistaJet has again chosen to grow their fleet with the industry-leading Global family,” said Ridolfi. “We welcome VistaJet’s ongoing commitment to global coverage within existing and developing new markets. Our Global aircraft are perfect for VistaJet’s business strategy to deliver the ultimate business jet family to all corners of the world.”

Flohr – who described Ridolfi as a personal friend as well as an enduring business partner – said: “This order is the most significant milestone for VistaJet and is a testimony to our successful strategy that focuses on global coverage. Our customers need to fly point-to-point across the globe, and in many instances at short notice. Whether it’s a direct flight from Los Angeles to Shanghai, from London to Luanda or from Kinshasa to Ulan Bator, we are seamlessly connecting our customers to every corner of the world in unrivalled levels of style and safety.”

He added: “Such customer success allows us to place this historic order and will enable us to base even more brand new aircraft in these dynamic growth markets. I am excited to serve these markets with an unparalleled product both locally and globally.”