VistaJet Protect launched amidst Covid-19 uncertainty


VistaJet has launched  VistaJet Protect in response to uncertainty surrounding the Covid-19. Protect is a policy that removes all cancellation fees up to 48 hours prior to a scheduled departure. If a client cancels less than 48 hours prior to departure, VistaJet will use the premium to offset part of the outstanding cancellation fee.

VistaJet Protect aims to provide clarity to customers who wish to plan for the future of travel while reducing financial risk. The policy has also been designed to help mitigate health risks. If  a client needs to cancel a flight because they, or any of their guests, test positive for Covid, they will only need to send a copy of their PCR test results to activate the policy.

Ian Moore,  chief  commercial  officer, VistaJet said: Over this past year, there has not been a uniform approach to  Covid-19 related cancellation policies in the business aviation industry and we sought to offer our clients a policy that protects them during these uncertain times. With VistaJet Protect, we offer maximum peace of mind and flexibility as we recognise the abrupt nature of a Covid-19 diagnosis.”

For more information on VistaJet Protect, clients can inquire with their account manager or sales executive to add the policy to their next flight.