VistaJet launches Private World


 I added these aircraft because of a master strategic plan to cover the globe with silver metallic planes with a red stripe

VistaJet has launched Private World, a directory of partner companies, in an effort to simplify client’s journeys in the wake of Covid-19. The Malta-based operator already planned the launch of Private World but brought plans forward as privacy and safety have grown in importance in reaction to the global coronavirus pandemic.

VistaJet’s chief commercial officer, Ian Moore, told Corporate Jet Investor: “The main drivers behind launching Private World are twofold as privacy and safety have become integral for our members. As well as the underlying shift in the travel industry business model that is no longer about volumes of booking, but rather, quality, trust and shared values.”

Featuring a portfolio of partners, Private World offers access to suites, historical estates, private retreats, yachts and ski slopes with door-to-door service and no need for check-in, guaranteed privacy and a variety of personal services.

“From idea to launch, Private World took about two years to come to fruition; with Covid-19 only speeding the process up as it further defined the growing sentiment of private travel. During which time, we have been working with partners around the world to curate tailored benefits for our members.”

Private World’s name stemmed from VistaJet’s Private Office. This is the operator’s internal team which serves clients and runs Safe Havens. A bespoke travel service launched earlier this year that fies to destinations with minimal contact points and heightened privacy, such as the Galapagos Islands or the Maldives.

Private World is just one of numerous launches by VistaJet in 2020. The company has recently initiated its Sustainability in Aviation programme. As part of the commitment the firm has partnered with SkyNRG, to supply Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) at all Vistajet facilities globally.

The company has also put together a new corporate flight offering, Dynamic Corporate Membership. Moore, explained: “We want to offer companies maximum flexibility with minimum commitment, as we recognise the need for safer and more reliable solutions as companies look to build back their business for the future.”

Launched in anticipation of the recovery in corporate flying, the new membership is interlinked with Vistajet’s sustainability programme. It offers what the company calls an integrated carbon reduction and carbon offset option, which will track environmental impacts to produce diagnostics of every flight.

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