VistaJet increases passenger numbers 20% in first half year


 I added these aircraft because of a master strategic plan to cover the globe with silver metallic planes with a red stripe

VistaJet saw a 20% increase in passengers during the first half of 2016, helped by a 23% jump in global flights.

The overall jump in global flights was helped by VistaJet’s growing US operations, which saw a 145% increase in flights over the same period the previous year.

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    The company says that its second quarter was the strongest ever for the company, and say this highlights that businesses and entrepreneurs are actively looking for new opportunities to grow and expand internationally.

    “Our continued growth in the first half of this year demonstrates both the resilience of the VistaJet business model, and that our commitment to delivering the best possible service for our customers, in a way that makes sense in uncertain times, is clearly valued”. said Thomas Flohr, chairman and founder, VistaJet, “It also shows that there is an ongoing need for business aviation, that companies will always seek to grow and pursue new opportunities and it’s just a question of finding the right, financially prudent solution to access these. That is something that VistaJet is ideally positioned to provide.”

    Particularly strong were flights to and from Asia, with UK to China flights quadrupling, and flights to India jumping up 50%.

    “We are flying our customers to more places than ever before and had our biggest ever quarter in the three months to June 2016. We are particularly pleased to see the growth in flight traffic to India, Asia and the United States. From the trends we are seeing in the market, we expect Asia and India to play increasingly significant roles in global business going forward, particularly destinations like Shanghai, Mumbai, and Singapore, which have seen notable growth over the past 6 months.”

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