Video: Solar eclipse hunting in three Falcon 7Xs


A Dassault Falcon 7X lands at London City Airport (Photo: Alud Davies).

Dassault has uploaded a video to its YouTube channel showing three Falcon 7X private jets that were chartered by scientists to view the recent solar Eclipse.

The video shows a trio of Falcon 7Xs heading out to the Faroe Islands to view the eclipse, as well as footage shot from inside the aircraft during the eclipse itself.

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The solar eclipse was visible in Europe during the morning of 20 March, with different parts of Europe seeing the eclipse in various stages.

London saw an 85 per cent partial eclipse, while the Faroe Islands saw a total eclipse.

A total solar eclipse is a rare event where the moon passes between the sun and the earth at a distance that makes the moon appear as large as the sun. When this happens, the moon totally blocks the sun from sight, which can cause places under the eclipse to go dark.

The next European total eclipse will happen in 2026.

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