Video: VistaJet’s eight new private jets


Eight Bombardier private jets waiting to be delivered to VistaJet in September 2014

A new Bombardier video shows the process of getting eight aircraft into position for a VistaJet photo shoot.

Remember that stunning VistaJet photo showing the eight aircraft that they were taking from Bombardier?

Well, Bombardier has now released a video showing exactly how the company managed to get all eight aircraft in place for the photo shoot.

The video also gives us a brief history lesson about VistaJet, which started operations in 2004 with a small fleet of Bombardier LearJet 60s.

Shot at a rainy Montreal-Dorval International Airport on September 13, the video gives an insight into how the eight aircraft were manoeuvred into position for the shoot, as well as showing all the aircraft, some still wearing their Canadian test registrations.

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