Victor and Neste urge airlines to use ‘Pay here, use there’ blueprint


Victor and Neste are celebrating one year of partnership with  a call for commercial airlines to  replicate their ‘Pay here, use there’  blueprint.  They believe the plan could significantly accelerate global demand for Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF), based on the  the results of the partnership to date.

Empowered by the results and learnings of the partnership, Victor and Neste now want  commercial airlines and airline ticket websites to replicate the model and include the option of SAF at check-out on their websites for all bookings.


Why not adopt our ‘Pay here, use there’ blueprint across the commercial airline sector?”, said Toby Edwards, co-CEO, Victor.  “Flyers want a solution that they can trust and which allows a credible reduction of their greenhouse gas emissions. If airline passenger traffic more than doubles to 10 billion by 2050, as predicted, then we cannot afford to be so dependent on fossil fuels.”

Since June 2022, when Victor and Neste launched this first direct-to-consumer SAF blueprint, one in five Victor customers have voluntarily bought on average £965 of Neste MY SAF for their private jet charter bookings, with an average emission reduction of 1.5t  per booking


Our results so far verify the potential of voluntary contributions –  including much needed cash flow – for SAF investment and growth, without being so reliant on government policy. Either way, flights are going to get much more expensive, and we should be leveraging the spending power of passengers and corporates booking business travel to scale up SAF,” added Edwards.