US FAA and CAA Israel certify the Gulfstream G280


The Gulfstream G280 executive jet has been awarded its type certificates from both the United States and Israel. Gulfstream poised to deliver the first aircraft to customers by year-end.

Gulfstream G280The Gulfstream G280 has
earned type certificates from the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and
the Civil Aviation Authority of Israel (CAAI). The certificates verify the
airworthiness of the aircraft’s design and are among the final steps required
before Gulfstream delivers the first fully outfitted G280 to a customer.

“Gulfstream is excited to
bring this aircraft to its customers, especially since we’re able to provide a
plane that does more than we originally announced,” said Larry Flynn,
president, Gulfstream. “The G280 has a range of 3,600 nautical miles (6,667 km)
at Mach 0.80. This increase of 200 nm (370 km) over our original projections
results in increased fuel efficiency and lower operating costs for our
customers. It’s the only mid-sized aircraft that can reliably fly nonstop
between London and New York. Additionally, our customers will
find that the newly designed G280 has a great deal in common with large-cabin
Gulfstream aircraft in terms of safety, reliability, handling, styling and
cabin management. The G280 is an all-around fantastic plane.”

Joseph Weiss, IAI’s
president and CEO, said: “Gulfstream and IAI have applied their unique
technological strengths through all stages of development, manufacturing and
certification of the G280. These certifications demonstrate this team’s tremendous
technological abilities.”

Gulfstream will deliver the
first G280 aircraft before year-end to a US-based manufacturer with a worldwide
presence spanning 190 countries.