USAIG adds to its GA food safety courses


Dave McKay

USAIG is updating its Performance Vector suite of safety programs to keep pace with changes and improvements in aviation safety protocols. Eligible policyholders can choose annually from a range of safety-enhancing programs and services.

New to Performance Vector are two General Aviation Food Safety Professionals online courses created by Jean Dible, president and founder of GA Food Safety Professionals.

The two new programs are the General Aviation Food Safety Professional Flight Attendant’s Online Course and General Aviation Food Safety Professionals Pilot & Flight Technician’s Online Course.

“GA Food Safety Professionals is honoured to be a part of USAIG’s Performance Vector program,” said Jean Dible.  “These two courses have the How To answers for minimizing foodborne illness from the time catered food is ordered, to when it is served aboard an aircraft.  The curriculum addresses dealing with caterers as well as the security of food and how to minimize the risk of deliberate contamination of food destined for in-flight meals.”

“These courses are optimal for the GA professional – a perfect blend of topical depth, expert information and delivered in a business-aviation friendly format.  We are thrilled to integrate GA Food Safety Professionals into the Performance Vector program,” added Dave McKay, USAIG chairman and CEO.

Courses can be accessed on a PC, laptop or tablet and translated into 60 languages.  Once enrolled, students have up to 90 days to complete the course in self-paced fashion, with a typical total study time of 6-7 hours for the Pilot/Flight Technician course or 15 hours for the Flight Attendant course.

Performance Vector programs align with aviation regulatory requirements, accreditation protocols and industry recommended standards such as FAA, IS-BAO, NBAA’s Certified Aviation Manager program and ICAO.