US dominates global heavy jet market: ACJ


More than half (59.4%) of the world’s heavy private jets belong to the US   fleet, reveals new research from Airbus Corporate Jets (ACJ).

According to its analysis, 5,482 out of 9,223 heavy, long-range jets in the global fleet are registered in the US. ACJ defines heavy jets as aircraft with seating for 12 to 14 passengers and a flight time of 10 – 12 hours. The category accounts for 37.5% of the US fleet.

California leads the way with 724 aircraft and a 13.21% share of the American heavy private jet fleet. The Golden State is followed by Florida and Texas, with 617 and 560 jets respectively. The gap begins to widen with New York and New Jersey hosting 303 and 258 aircraft in their respective fleets.

Sean McGeough, vice president, ACJ North America said: “The US dominates the global heavy private jet market and we expect this market to enjoy strong growth as the number of ultra-high-net-worth individuals in the country grows and large corporations increase their use of business aviation.”

Van Nuys in Los Angeles has the most registered aircraft, with 206 jets accounting for 3.76% of the US heavy jet market. Teterboro, New Jersey and Dallas, Texas follow with 161 and 157 jets respectively. Houston, Fort Lauderdale and Chicago host 137, 132 and 126 aircraft.

The total US business jet fleet currently stands at 14,632 aircraft or 62.5% of the global fleet. After heavy jets, making up 37.5% of the US fleet light jets follow with 36.5%, midsize at 20.5% and very light jets at 5.5%.

Speaking last month McGeough said: “Because of the huge size of the US and its importance on the global stage, over one-third of private jets registered in the country are categorised as heavy or ultra-long range, which is where we focus.” 

Many flight departments and fractional ownership card have already exceeded their flight allocation for the year, he added.   ACJ attributed the increase in demand to lifestyle changes since the global pandemic.  The big reduction in scheduled commercial flights has boosted the number of new entrants for business aviation.

Read more about the ACJ research here.


US heavy private jet market – at a glance


US heavy private jet fleet by state

StateNumber of Heavy jetsPercentage of US Heavy private jet market
New York3035.53%
New Jersey2584.71%

US heavy private jet fleet by city

CityNumber of Heavy JetsPercentage of US Heavy private jet market
Van Nuys2063.76%
Fort Lauderdale1322.41%
White Plains1041.90%
West Palm Beach841.53%

Source: Airbus Corporate Jets