Upgraded motorway roads around Farnborough improve links to central London


Brandon O'Reilly

After three years construction work and a £174m investment, the new four-lane M3 Smart motorway between Farnborough (Junction 4a) and the M25 interchange (Junction 2) has now opened.

This should benefit clients using TAG Farnborough Airport, as it substantially enhances one of the key trunk roads linking the airport to both central London and the surrounding area.

The Smart motorway uses variable speed limits to manage traffic and utilises new technology to give drivers better information on road conditions ahead. These features, as well as the ability to convert the hard shoulder into an extra traffic lane, all contribute to relieving congestion.

“The opening of the new M3 Smart motorway is great news for the airport’s clients who will benefit from improved journey times.”

Brandon O’Reilly (pictured), CEO of TAG Farnborough Airport, welcomed the new motorway’s opening as “great news” for the airport’s clients, who will benefit from improved journey times.

“This additional capacity will play a significant role in supporting economic growth in the wider region, with TAG Farnborough Airport playing its part as an important contributor to the local, regional and national economy,” he added.