Upcast release JetBook for iPhone


Upcast, creators of the JetBook application for iPads, has released a new version of their software that has been redesigned especially to fit on iPhone’s.

The new iPhone version follows the release late in 2014 of the original iPad version.

In the application users can look up details of all of the current in production business jets as well as the popular out of production types.

In all, the application gives details for 191 business jets, ranging from the smallest Eclipse 500, right the way through to the Boeing BBJ3.

Details include the size and weights of the aircraft, along with the capacities for both cargo and passenger.

A budget secion of the APP includes the manufacturers list price for the aircraft, along with vaiable costs per hour, which are supplied by aircraftcostcalculator.com.

One of the most useful features though is the ability to be able to directly compare different aircraft types.

Users can do this by adding aircraft to be compared directly from the main screen.

Once all the different aircraft types to be compared have been added, users then click on the ‘Comparison’ tab at the bottom of the main screen, which opens up a new page that shows side-by-side comparisons of each of the aircraft selected.

“There are many advantages to using our AvBooks series over other digital products and especially paper presentations,” said publisher Ivan Veretennikov when the iPad version was released. “They are right there on your iPad and don’t need an internet connection so you can access all the data at all times. You can quickly compare different aircraft and choose the ones that suit your mission. And what’s important, it’s good-looking and appeals to this industry, which is focussed on getting things done in style. After all, business aviation is not just a tool, for many it’s a lifestyle too. Why shouldn’t browsing or presenting aircraft be a pleasant experience?”

JetBook is currently available for both the iPad and iPhone through the Apple App Store.