Universal Aviation moves headquarters in Spain


From February 1, 2013 Universal Aviation Spain HQ will be at Madrid-Barajas International Airport.

Universal Aviation Spain has announced it is relocating its Madrid HQ from Torrejon International Airport to Madrid-Barajas International Airport.

AENA decided to close Torrejon to general aviation traffic from February 2013 so the company decided to move  headquarters to Madrid-Barajas.

“We are fully prepared for the transition of our headquarters, including all employees and equipment, from Torrejon to Barajas, ensuring there will be no disruptions to our clients or impact on the quality of service they receive,” said Gonzalo Barona, managing director, Universal Aviation Spain. “Although we were headquartered at Torrejon, we have also provided services at Barajas, so we are very familiar with the airport, officials, and processes.”

Universal Aviation Spain will be located in the remodelled general aviation terminal building at Barajas, which will open toward the end of March 2013.

“Barajas provides the same benefits as Torrejon, and in some ways will be better, as it will have fewer diversions, which were frequent at Torrejon,” said Barona. “Barajas is open 24 hours and is approximately 20 minutes away from downtown Madrid.”

Universal Spain has a second base at Girona Costa Bravo Airport.