Universal Aviation UK – London Northolt now open and supporting missions


Universal Weather Northolt

London – 21 January 2021 – Universal Aviation, the worldwide ground support division of Universal Weather and Aviation, Inc. is now fully operational and supporting business aviation missions at London’s RAF Northolt Airport.

Universal Aviation UK – London Northolt is Universal Aviation’s second London-area ground handling location joining the network’s award-winning Stansted FBO. The official ribbon cutting was just held, and the location began handling its first operations.

“The addition of Northolt, gives our customers even more operating flexibility when visiting the London area – especially in the age of COVID, where many operators are making quick trips for essential business,” said Sean Raftery, Managing Director, Universal Aviation UK & Ireland. “Northolt is an excellent option for operators with business in central London. It offers convenience to the city center, a high level of security as a military airport and less congestion than other airports in the region.”

Universal Aviation UK – London Northolt is just 35 minutes by car to Hyde Park. Universal Aviation is working closely with the Royal Air Force, which operates the airport, to continue easing accessibility to the airport.

“COVID and the recent restrictions put in place by the UK government are currently limiting traffic,” said Raftery. “We’re taking a long-term view of Northolt’s potential. As restrictions lighten and we move past the pandemic, we anticipate Northolt to become an increasingly popular airport option in London.”