Universal Aviation Mexico breaks ground at another hangar at Toluca


Universal Weather Mexico hangar rendering

Universal Aviation Mexico, a joint venture between Avemex and Universal Weather and Aviation to provide ground support throughout Mexico, officially broke ground on a new hangar at its FBO at Toluca International Airport.

The new $3.5 million hangar is due to be completed in June 2018 and will be the fifth for Universal Aviation Mexico, the most of any private aviation company at Toluca. Its construction comes two years after a multi-million dollar renovation of the company’s 16,384 sq ft FBO at Toluca.

The new hangar allows Universal Aviation Mexico to increase its total amount of hangarage space to almost 170,000 sq ft, including a 16,640 sq ft maintenance hangar.

Included with the new construction is 32,000 sq ft of built-in office space and 17,200 sq ft of storage space, predominantly for use by locally-based operators.

“Over the past two years, we’ve made significant investments in Toluca in order to ensure the ongoing success of our clients’ missions.”

Greg Evans, chairman of Universal, said: “Over the past two years, we’ve made significant investments in Toluca in order to ensure the ongoing success of our clients’ missions.

“Available parking and hangarage at Toluca is extremely limited and has been a challenge for some time – especially for transient, non-based operators. We are building this hangar to address this need for our clients at this critically-significant, high-traffic destination. And at an airport known during summer for its big thunderstorms with hail and its winter weather with frost and sub 0C temperatures, our clients can be confident that their aircraft are secure in this newest hangar that is big enough to safely accommodate even the largest of aircraft.”


Agustin Lanzagorta, president of Grupo Avemex, said: “Demand for hangar and office space for operators based at Toluca continues to outpace availability all across the airport. Some FBOs at the airport are taking advantage of this by positioning aircraft very closely to one another to accommodate additional aircraft—which of course creates potential safety issues.

“We’ve been unwilling to make these same compromises, so sometimes we simply have to turn potential new tenants away. This investment allows us to support the growing number of aircraft at Toluca while still adhering to our stringent safety standards that Universal Aviation is known, recognised and valued for.”

Universal Aviation is the ground support division of Universal Weather and Aviation, and has more than 50 locations in 20 countries, with five locations operated under Universal Aviation Mexico.

The Toluca FBO began operating in the early 1990s and is one of the oldest FBOs at the airport.

Avemex manages a mixed fleet of 24 aircraft and helicopters. Its service division, Centro de Servicio Avemex, provides support services including maintenance, airframe services, engine and APU services, and avionics maintenance scheduling.