Flairjet helps Embraer to deliver 400th Phenom to Germany


Flairjet helped to Embraer to complete the 400th Phenom delivery, by flying a Phenom 300 from Brazil to Germany, where it was accepted by The Hansgrohe Group.

Flairjet, based in London Oxford, helped to Embraer to complete the 400th Phenom delivery. The company, now part of Marshall Aerospace and Defence Group (MADG), flew the Phenom 300 aircraft (MSN 150) from Embraer’s base in Sao Jose dos Campos, Brazil, to Siegerland in Germany where it was received by The Hansgrohe Group.

A crew of three led by Gerry Rolls, FlairJet’s Flight Operations director, also included Gerhard Ensinger, Hansgrohe’s chief pilot and Andreas Losberger, the German company’s technical engineer, who was responsible for carrying out the technical inspection.

The route saw the aircraft leave Sao Jose dos Campos on 28th June and head to Belem where it cleared Brazilian customs before arriving in Barbados for an overnight stay. The aircraft continued to the Embraer service center at Fort Lauderdale before beginning the final legs to Germany.From Florida it flew to Bangor, Maine, then to Goose Bay, to Kleflavik, Iceland. After another overnight stop, the aircraft flew into Prestwick, Scotland then to Dortmund and finally to Siegerland in Germany.

The delivery flight took four days and the aircraft flew 8,270 nautical miles. During the delivery process FlairJet’s Captain Rolls was responsible for the acceptance flight in addition to the base and line training of Captain Ensinger.

Rolls is one of just a few aircraft and simulator qualified Phenom 100 and 300 examiners in Europe. FlairJet has now been responsible for 21 delivery flights of Phenom types, nine have been for Phenom 100s whilst 12 have been Phenom 300s.

“This was a text book delivery, very relaxed and straight forward,” said Rolls. “Our experience in delivering Embraer aircraft, particularly the Phenom types, to Europe, means our clients are assured of a seamless delivery carried out by a European team that understands the full process, and can anticipate all the necessary requirements and legalities.”

“We are delighted to have delivered Embraer’s 400th Phenom aircraft” said FlairJet managing director, David Fletcher. “Deliveries remain a key part of our business, but under our new ownership we are also focusing on growing our aircraft management business, as well as extending our charter offering through the addition of a Cessna XLS and Citation Bravo to our AOC.”