Two Duncan Aviation satellite avionics shops move


Teterboro and St Louis facilities have moved to new locations

Duncan Aviation’s satellite avionics shops in Teterboro and St. Louis have moved into new locations. Duncan Aviation-Teterboro has relocated into First Aviation’s newly constructed fixed base operation.

“First Aviation built a beautiful new facility to serve customers on the Teterboro airport,” said Matt Nelson, Duncan Aviation’s satellite operations manager. “We are very happy to be located within a first-class FBO with first-class people. Our objective of providing the Teterboro aviation community with the best in avionics and instrument repair and installation services has been greatly enhanced.”  Duncan Aviation-St. Louis also moved into a new facility with TAC Air, located within the TAC Air complex.

“Our new FBO partner in TAC Air has been gracious in helping our satellite facility locate in a convenient and accessible location within their complex at SUS,” Nelson said “The TAC Air teams have been a nice match with Duncan Aviation’s family- and team-oriented culture and well-deserving of their excellent reputation across the country.”