Trevor Yuschyshyn joins Duncan Aviation as Regional Manager for Canada


Trevor Yuschyshyn

Lincoln, NEB — Duncan Aviation has announced that Trevor Yuschyshyn has accepted the position of Regional Manager Representative for Canada. A lifelong resident of Calgary, Alberta, Yuschyshyn brings more than 23 years of aviation experience and knowledge to his new role.

“Trevor’s vast experience as a customer along with his knowledge of the Canadian marketplace will serve him well as he represents his peers in his country and ensures that their experiences match their expectations,” says Phil Suglia, the Duncan Aviation Sales Manager who staffs and supports the company’s Regional Manager team.

As the Director of Maintenance at a company that managed a fleet of aircraft for the last seven years, Yuschyshyn definitely recognizes superior customer service when he sees it, and in his new role, he plans to provide it.

“Duncan Aviation’s culture is what makes the company a leader in the aviation industry,” says Yuschyshyn. “The culture is infectious. Duncan Aviation looks out for its customers and its team members, and that’s what makes it so great.”

As a child, Yuschyshyn became fascinated with anything that flew, and he especially loved watching planes take off and land. He never outgrew that fascination and found himself struggling in college as he pored over yet another economics text.

“I didn’t enjoy studying Economics terribly much, so I flipped open the course catalog at Southern Alberta Institute of Technology and was delighted to see curriculum in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering,” says Yuschyshyn.

Just before earning that diploma in 1996, he started working as an Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (AME) apprentice at an aviation company where he remained for more than 23 years. Yuschyshyn rose from apprentice to licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineer, worked as a crew chief and maintenance project manager, and eventually assumed the role of Director of Maintenance.

In 2000, the previous DOM at the company where Yuschyshyn worked took the company’s Learjet 35 to the Duncan Aviation facility in Lincoln, Nebraska. They were quite pleased with the experience, the culture, and the spotless facilities. Over the next 19 years, Yushchyshyn accompanied various aircraft to Duncan Aviation, and he joined the Duncan Aviation Customer Advisory Board (CAB) in January 2017.

“I’m excited to work for a company that believes so strongly in its people and treats its customers so well. Duncan Aviation really looks after its customers and their aircraft,” says Yuschyshyn. “I feel that it is a natural transition to work for the company I’ve thought so highly of for so many years.”

In his spare time, Yuschyshyn enjoys skiing and snowboarding with his wife and two children, a 20-year-old son and 17-year-old daughter. Panorama Village is one of their favourite places to ski.