TRAXXALL welcomes first Regional Sales Director based in Latin America


Guiliano Donaldio

Montreal, Canada – 30 November 2021 – TRAXXALL has announced that Giuliano Donadio has joined the TRAXXALL team as Regional Sales Director, Latin America. Giuliano’s territory includes Mexico, seven Central American countries and 12 South American countries.

Reporting to the President, Giuliano’s mandate is to work with aircraft operators within his territory to increase their operational efficiencies and help them build better businesses.

Prior to joining TRAXXALL, Giuliano spent seven years in aircraft services sales in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Most recently, he was Aircraft Sales Manager at TAM Executive Aviation, with a focus on Cessna Citation aircraft. Previously, he was Aircraft Sales Manager with Lider Aviation, operators of more than 70 aircraft.

A Brazilian national, Giuliano is based in Sao Paulo and speaks fluent Portuguese, Spanish and English. He earned a bachelor’s degree in International Relations from Centro Universitário FMU and spent a year studying International Marketing at the University of Toronto in Canada.

“We welcome Giuliano to the TRAXXALL team,” says Mark Steinbeck, President, TRAXXALL. “With a Sales Director based in Latin America, we are now directly serving markets including Mexico and Brazil, the second and third largest business jet markets in the world. Giuliano’s business aviation experience plus his fluency in Portuguese and Spanish make him the ideal person to represent TRAXXALL in Latin America. We look forward to working with many more aircraft operators across this important, growing and dynamic region.”