Training Solutions conducts VIP flight attendant training


Dietmar Duller

Swiss-based Training Solutions has now completed VIP flight attendant training in 15 countries.

Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Chad in central Africa and Finland are amongst the 15 countries in which Training Solutions now conduct in-house VIP flight attendant training courses in customer service excellence.

Dietmar Duller, founder of Training Solutions says: “Service styles, table settings, beverage service and the clients expectations between a Russian, European, central African, Middle East and Chinese client are very different.”

Food safety has become a very important training topic, especially for those operators who have business jets in central Africa and other parts of the world where getting safe food items can be a challenge.

Protecting corporate identity and the dangers of social media are other training topics which become more and more important as discretion and the privacy of the clients will always be on the top priority list of any company.

Since 2007 Training Solutions has welcomed 950 VIP flight attendants from 55 countries to over 140 training courses. Training Solutions also offers monthly training courses in Geneva, Switzerland.