Tokyo Fire Department adds another EC225


The Tokyo Fire Department has signed a contract for another EC225 helicopter earlier this month

Eurocopter EC225Eurocopter
have announced that the Tokyo Fire Department has signed for another EC225 this
month, adding to its Eurocopter fleet of fire-fighting, emergency medical
services as well as search & rescue helicopters.

Following the purchase of an
EC225 last December after the Great East Japan Earthquake adding on to its
Eurocopter fleet of fire-fighting helicopters.

“Recent experiences in Japan showed
the important role played by rotary-wing aircraft during large-scale
disasters,” said Eurocopter president and chief executive, Lutz Bertling. “The
Tokyo Fire Department, along with many other civil and government organizations,
have put their trust in our products not only because our helicopters have
performed outstandingly in all missions required of them, but also the fact
that we are able to render prompt service due to our large local presence.”

Stephane Ginoux, Eurocopter
Japan chief executive, commended the Tokyo Fire Department on its capabilities,
noting that “The Tokyo Fire Department is one of the largest and most
well-equipped fire departments in the world, covering the Tokyo prefecture
which consists of urban environment with high-rise buildings, mountainous areas
at the boundaries, as well as the Ogasawara group of 30 islands located 1,000
km south of Tokyo. They also provide support for the entire nation whenever
needed during crisis situations. We are honoured to have been selected once
again to provide for their needs.”

Together with the BK117
which was developed in cooperation with Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Eurocopter
leads the fire-fighting segment with 85% market share in Japan today.

Photograph © Eurocopter Japan, Chikako

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