Thieves break into taxiing VistaJet aircraft at Lagos Airport


A VistaJet Challenger 605 was broken into whilst taxiing at Lagos Airport, and a bag was taken from the hold.

According to local news sources, Challenger 650 MSN 5970/9H-VFA, using flight number VJT584, had completed a flight from Istanbul, arriving on runway 18R between 21:10 and 21:30 local time on 12 December.

The aircraft had vacated the runway, and had begun taxiing to the Evergreen Apple Nigeria (EAN) facility on the opposite side of the airport, when the theft happened.

According to reports, an unknown attacker managed to force open the rear door of the aircraft before it reached the EAN facility, and took a bag belonging to the flight attendant.

In a statement issued to Corporate Jet Investor, VistaJet acknowledged the incident, saying that it had spoken to the Lagos airport authorities about putting tougher security measures in place.

“In regard to the reported incident, we are sad to have seen one of our crew bags stolen. We have prompted the local airport to implement stronger safety measures at all times,” said VistaJet.

The Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria (FAAN) says that it has launched an inquiry into the incident, and has called in the police to assist in the investigations.