These aircraft registrations are M(ore)-SEXY


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Aircraft registrations are usually a random alphanumeric, but owners have the option to change them to something a little more interesting. We have compiled (another) list of aircraft registrations that have some sort of meaning or hidden message.



Photo: Alud Davies

The registration on this Tel Aviv based Legacy 650 speaks for itself…


Nissan’s G650


Photo: Stian Haabeth

The registration N155AN spells out the Japanese car manufacturer’s name in alpha-numerals.


Taylor Swift’s Falcon 900

Photo: Liam Duffy / Liam763

Country music stars love private aviation – and Taylor Swift is no exception. One of her aircraft – a Falcon 900 – is registered N898TS. The 89 makes reference to her birth year (1989), with the ‘8’ standing for the number of number one singles she had had when she bought the aircraft. The TS obviously stands for her initials.

Magic Johnson’s G-III

Photo: Peachair Aviation Photography

L.A. Lakers legend Magic Johnson owns a Gulfstream III with the registration N32MJ. Thirty two was his jersey number throughout his career, and MJ stands for his initials – a common trend with celebrities who own jets.

Abercrombie and Fitch G-V

The clothing brand owns a stylish, all grey Gulfstream V, registered N1892 – the year the company was founded.


Photo: Brian T Richards

AT&T was formerly called Southwestern Bell – accounting for the SB in the aircraft’s registration. The 906 simply represents the area code for Michigan, which is one of many that AT&T serves. The 906 has formed part of AT&T aircraft registrations since the 1980s.

Kenny Chesney’s Falcon 900EX


Photo: Glen Novitsky- Nashville Aviation Photographers

Country singer Kenny Chesney owns a Falcon 900EX with N7KC as its registration. Again, KC stands for the singer’s initials. The 7 goes back to Chesney’s sporting days – representing his jersey number from when he played football at Gibbs High School.


John Deere G550

Arguably one of the nicest private jets around, the paint scheme on this G550 incorporates the famous John Deere green. The 550 in the registration refers to the aircraft type, with JD standing for John Deere. The top of the left engine cowling also has the John Deere signature.


RBS’ Falcon 900EX

Photo: Mark Van Drunen/FOKKER AIRCAFT

This aircraft has some controversy surrounding it. Royal Bank of Scotland did not acknowledge it owned the aircraft, and went as far as to base it in Paris to draw less attention to it. But the registration was a bit of a giveaway… G-RBSG makes obvious reference to the bank, with the last G rumoured to stand for Goodwin – the surname of the bank’s then CEO, Sir Fred Goodwin. RBS have since sold the aircraft.


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