The PurePower PW800 engine: Flying, certified and primed for entry into service


News Release;

The next generation of long and ultra-long range business jet engines is already here, in the form of Pratt & Whitney Canada’s (P&WC’s) PurePower PW800 engine. This ground-breaking powerplant isn’t just flying now – it’s the only engine in its class that’s fully ready to enter service and help operators achieve their business goals today. P&WC is a subsidiary of United Technologies Corporation (NYSE:UTX).

“The PurePower PW800 has demonstrated that it’s technology-ready through thousands of hours of rigorous ground and flight testing, during which it has surpassed expectations time and again. But that’s not all: we’re also ready to offer customers outstanding service and support,” said Scott McElvaine, Senior Director, Marketing & Customer Service, PurePower PW800 engines.

Technical publications for the PurePower PW800 have been finalized. Engine maintenance training has begun, and P&WC’s industry-leading global support network – including its parts distribution centres – is ready and able to deliver skilled, dedicated assistance to operators around the world. “When customers are ready for the PurePower PW800, they can be sure that we’ll be there for them,” noted McElvaine.

ESP® PurePower® PW800: Enrolling Now:

As of now, customers can also enroll in the ESP PurePower PW800 engine service plan. This premium, white-glove support solution is tailored to owners’ and operators’ specific needs. It ensures their peace of mind by pairing the engine’s unmatched performance with the most comprehensive suite of technical, maintenance and support offerings available. As the only original equipment manufacturer (OEM)-backed service plan for PurePower PW800 engines, the plan is the only choice that offers the reassurance of a predictable and prevention-based maintenance environment that optimizes aircraft productivity and performance.

The unique ESP PurePower PW800 plan provides comprehensive coverage for heavy and line maintenance, combining numerous all-inclusive services – from engine wash, borescope inspections and troubleshooting support to immediate access to technical experts available 24/7 to keep aircraft flying. P&WC’s fast, thorough and seamless service experience maximizes the availability of customers’ aircraft through the world’s largest network of return to service experts.

Innovative technological solutions make it possible to coordinate the engine’s maintenance requirements with those of the aircraft, resulting in increased aircraft availability. Access to self-learning fault isolation technology (Casebank Spotlight®) accelerates troubleshooting by detecting problems before they become problems. And P&WC continues to work closely with customers to incorporate more key features that matter to them, so they can spend more time flying and no time worrying.

Since its certification in February 2015, the PurePower PW800 has been setting new standards for the long- and ultra-long-range business jet markets thanks to its durable, rigorously tested core technology. The engine has already completed more than 9,000 hours of evaluation tests and over 12,000 cycles. This includes more than 510 flights and over 4,000 engine flight test hours combined on P&WC’s advanced Boeing 747SP flying test bed and Gulfstream’s G500 flight test aircraft. In total, the advanced common core technology, leveraged in 15 different PurePower engine applications, has amassed over 45,000 testing and operating hours.

Thoughtfully Designed with Customers in Mind

Every aspect of the PurePower PW800 engine has been thoughtfully designed with the convenience, comfort and satisfaction of owners, operators, pilots and passengers in mind. It is optimized to provide a benchmark passenger experience, with the low-noise design and low vibration levels ensuring an exceptionally quiet cabin.

What’s more, it is designed to offer best-in-class availability and ease of maintenance. With a predicted 99.99% dispatch reliability, the robust powerplant design will provide increased peace of mind for customers that no other engine in the corporate market can match. It will require 40% less scheduled maintenance (on wing) and 20% fewer inspections than other engines in its class. The time on wing is also superior to any other engine of its kind, with the first shop visit targeted at 10,000 hours or beyond.

Flying Sustainably

Last but not least, the PurePower PW800 engine is ahead of the game – and the competition – when it comes to environmental regulations. It over-delivers on reducing the engine’s environmental footprint, not just meeting or exceeding today’s environmental requirements but anticipated future standards as well. From low emissions with an advanced combustor, to minimizing materials of concern in design and manufacturing, every element is paving the way for a more sustainable aviation world. It delivers benchmark fuel efficiency, improving on the previous generation of engines in the same thrust class by over 10%. It clears International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) community noise certification standards by double digits, making it easily the quietest engine in its class. And it slashes harmful emissions, clearing anticipated future CAEP/8 nitrous oxide standards by a double-digit margin.

“With the PurePower PW800, customers get much more than just proven technology that raises the bar for performance and operating economics. They get an outstanding flying experience and comprehensive customer support that no one else can match. At every step of its development, the PurePower PW800 has lead the way – it was the first in its class to be certified, the first to fly on a daily basis and today it’s the first to be ready for entry into service,” concluded McElvaine.