The FLYER enters business aviation market offering a new approach to affordable and safe charter flights


Beech King Air 250

Luxembourg – 3 February 2021 – The Luxembourg-based FLYER has announced entry into the business aviation market as a new player for chartered flights. With the launch of this service, the FLYER is bridging the gap between commercial travel and business aviation.

The FLYER service consists of a fleet of brand-new turboprop aircraft strategically placed across Europe to answer the needs of clients looking for a safe and convenient way of travelling Europe for business or private purposes. The new service is offering the high standards of business aviation at an economically affordable rate.

Robert Fisch, Managing Director of the FLYER says: “During the lockdown in April last year and as we were anticipating long-term travelling habit changes, we were seeking to find a solution for travellers who were concerned about safety and for making business aviation more accessible. It was at this moment that the FLYER concept took shape which combines the accessibility of scheduled airlines with the flexibility of private aviation.”

The FLYER portfolio consists of a fleet of minimum 4 new Beechcraft King Air 250 and 260 aircraft based in Belgium, Luxembourg and France of which 2 aircraft have already been delivered to Luxembourg.

The King Air 250 is the first of its kind in Luxembourg and the youngest generation of the King Air series of which 7000 have already been produced.

The 250 model features sophisticated avionics as well as upgraded Pratt & Whitney Canada turbine engines capable of operating at higher altitudes than previous models with significantly lower fuel consumption. It will carry 6 people at speeds comparable to those of a jet aircraft and is capable of operating from smaller airports. Its ability to use aerodromes with runways between 1,000 and 1,500 metres long opens up 425 new destinations for Luxaviation customers in Western Europe alone and offering new destinations such as Saint Tropez in the South of France.

The FLYER aims at being both price competitive and maintaining highest standards. The aircraft are being operated under the AOC of Luxaviation Luxembourg on behalf of its ownership and undergoes the same scrutiny as any other Luxaviation Group owned operation with equivalent management system and operational control.

The turboprop solution is limiting impact on the environment by having a consumption of 30% less than its jet competitor while offering more capacity. Furthermore, the carbon print is reduced by the possibility to use smaller airports closer to the final destination while only needing 6 minutes flight time more per flight hour than a comparable jet.

The FLYER is also addressing investor-clients having unique travel needs and making extensive use of business aviation. The company has partnered with a Luxembourg bank to offer a competitive financing solution to investors combined with a user package.

The FLYER app which can be downloaded for IOS and Android, is a demonstration of the fast availability of the service and the responds to clients’ needs seeking for a straightforward solution.