The Department of Civil Aviation Aruba announces measures against Russian Aircraft


25 March 2022 – The Department of Civil Aviation Aruba (DCA) has implemented several sanctions relating to aircraft based in Russia and/or connected to Russian entities in accordance with recent, applicable international sanctions. Specific actions include aircraft grounding and, in some cases, de-registration.

The DCA, together with The Registry of Aruba (TROA), are closely monitoring all applicable aircraft in relation to sanctions, airworthiness, flight safety, and corporate guidelines. This monitoring includes topics such as ownership, effective control, access to technical assistance, parts, and a review of the full supply chain.

The DCA and TROA have been and remain in full compliance with both the EU and/or US sanctions and have taken appropriate action timely and accordingly. Sympathizing with the people of Ukraine, the DCA and TROA strongly condemn Russia’s military operations in Ukraine, and stakeholders are to be reassured that continuous monitoring and reviewing restrictions affecting aircraft under the registry is being done and swift, appropriate action taken.

Aruba, as an autonomous state of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, is legally bound to implement all sanctions issued by the European Union (EU). The EU has applied sanctions to certain entities including Russian and Belarus companies, citizens, and those organizations that have direct impact on air operators based in Russia and Belarus. The regulations and directives stem from multiple legislative guidelines promulgated pursuant to COUNCIL DECISIONS (EU) 2014/145 (17 March 2014), 2022/328 (25 February 2022), and 2022/429 (15 March 2022), as supplemented.