The CJI Interview – Janine Iannarelli, Par Avion


During the NBAA, CJI caught up with Janine Iannarelli of Par Avion, to talk about the current market conditions, the ‘Trump Bump’ and whether it is too soon to talk about a recovery.

Aside from noting that the recovery is underway, Iannarelli bucks the trend and says that the ‘Trump Bump’ is well and truly over.

“I think the Trump Bump is over” says Iannarelli, “That Trump Bump was good for about the first six months of the year, it might have carried into the summer months, but quite frankly in the absence of anything really happening that was on the election agenda, to date, the Trump Bump has fizzled.”

You can watch the full video below. If you are unable to view it on YouTube, you can click the following link to watch the interview on YouKu.