The Aviation Factory and North Sea Aviation Center are teaming up in Ostend


NSAC Ostend

Ostend, Belgium – 22 May 2020 — The Aviation Factory has moved into the new business aviation terminal of North Sea Aviation Center (NSAC) at Ostend-Bruges International Airport. Both companies have announced that they will cooperate closely to develop the business aviation market in the region.

“Our team has handled over 1800 general aviation flights during the last eight months of 2019, significantly more than the 1500 business jet flights which were handled at Ostend-Bruges Airport in the year 2018,” said Erik Vermeersch, CEO of NSAC. “The general aviation segment was hard hit by the consequences of the COVID19 pandemic. However, several companies are now turning to business jets more easily for, among other things, crew changes on ships, repatriation flights and the transport of seasonal workers. As soon as the borders reopen, we expect a rapid and firm revival in the number of private and business flights.”

Carl Legein, CEO of The Aviation Factory, added: “Our activities at Ostend-Bruges Airport currently represent about 15% of our total turnover. Together with NSAC, we want to develop the business aviation market in the region. We recently placed a ‘private jet calculator’ on our website. With this online tool, potential customers can compare actual fare proposals for any route. Behind the private jet calculator is a database, which contains more than 3360 private aircraft.”

North Sea Aviation Center (NSAC) is a VIP business jet handler offering ground handling services for general, private and business flights up to 45.5 tons, aircraft maintenance, on-board catering and medical examinations for pilots. The NSAC team consists of 9 employees. They provide a personalised service to passengers. The business aviation terminal is a state-of-the-art, multifunctional building of 857 square metres with offices and a VIP lounge, where passengers of business jets can wait in complete safety and discretion pending their departure.