Textron Aviation wins ANAC certification for SkyCourier


Cessna SkyCouriers in flight

Textron Aviation’s Cessna SkyCourier twin utility turboprop has been awarded type certification by the National Civil Aviation Authority of Brazil (ANAC), paving the way for the aircraft to serve the Brazilian market.

“The Cessna SkyCourier’s high payload capacity, short takeoff and landing capability, and cost-efficiency make it a great choice for operators in Brazil,” said Lannie O’Bannion, senior vice president, Global Sales and Flight Operations. “The aircraft’s versatility and performance equip customers in the region with smart solutions for their unique missions and circumstances.”

The aircraft offers a combination of performance, capacity and capability, positioning it as a catalyst for enhanced regional connectivity, efficient cargo transportation, and reliable regional passenger operations, said O’Bannion. The SkyCourier is an ideal fit for Brazil’s diverse geography, remote locations and growing demand for air transportation, he added.

Mission profiles include passenger transport, cargo delivery and special operations. With its short takeoff and landing capability, the aircraft can operate from smaller runways, reaching remote communities and serving locations with limited infrastructure. The recently certified gravel kit option further expands the SkyCourier’s capability to operate from unimproved runways.

The aircraft is powered by two wing-mounted Pratt & Whitney PT6A-65SC turboprop engines and features the McCauley Propeller C779, a 110-inch aluminium four-blade propeller, which is full feathering with reversible pitch, designed to enhance the performance of the aircraft while hauling large loads.

The SkyCourier is operated with Garmin G1000 NXi avionics. It has a maximum cruise speed of more than 20 ktas and a 900 nautical-mile maximum range. The aircraft features a large cargo door and a flat floor cabin, and the freighter variant can hold up to three LD3 shipping containers with an impressive 6,000 pounds of payload capability.