Textron Aviation expands ProAdvantage for Hawker jets


Textron Aviation has expanded coverage of its ProAdvantage product support programmes to the Hawker 125-series, which include the Hawker 750, 800, 850 and 900 models, and Hawker 400-series business jets.

The addition of the Hawker jets expands the ProAdvantage programme to all Textron Aviation aircraft. Last year, Textron Aviation added Beechcraft to the programme.

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Brad Thress, senior vice president, customer support at Textron Aviation, said: “Extending ProAdvantage, one of the leading support programmes in the industry, to more of our products is part of our commitment to the long term support of these aircraft and to our customers.”

“The addition of optional coverage under ProAdvantage for Hawker 125- and 400-series aircraft is another step in our overall goal of integrating our service offerings and gives these customers the benefit of better prediction of ownership costs, as well as access to technical support at a fixed rate,” Thress added.

ProAdvantage is a support solution, previously exclusively available for Cessna Citation customers, it comprises of a number of programs providing support for the aircraft.