Textron adds dedicated European CJ3 support aircaft


Textron Aviation is basing a Citation CJ3 in Europe to help support clients in the region.

The dedicated aircraft will be based at Dusseldorf, and will be used to transport parts and technicians to Citation, Hawker and King Air aircraft as needed.

Dusseldorf was chosen because of its central location in Europe, with the company estimating that the CJ3 can reach most parts of Europe wwithin two hours from the German city.

“Our support aircraft program in North America has been extremely well received, successfully minimizing downtime and keeping our customers flying,” said Brad Thress, senior vice president, customer service. “We are excited to bring this solution to our European customers”

The company has also increased the amount of spares held in the European distribution centre. By using a single location for spares the company is able to import all spares through a single location, making later distribution through the region quicker and easier.

“The European fleet of Citation, Hawker and King Airs represents our second largest customer base worldwide,” said Thress. “Our customers and operators use their aircraft day in and day out to further their business and we are committed to investments and improvements that elevate and expedite the level of support we provide them.”

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