Tastefully Yours supports Hurricane Sandy victims


Atlanta-based Tastefully Yours has launched Wings of Relief to Hurricane Sandy victims by sending goods on private flights from Atlanta to New Jersey.

                           Wings of Relief
Tastefully Yours has launched a humanitarian initiative, named Wings of Relief, to support the victims of Hurricane Sandy which swept through New York, New Jersey and other US Eastern states at the end of October.

Donations of goods and other essential items are being loaded onto private flights departing from all Atlanta area airports and headed to New Jersey. On arrival the packages are being met by Mike McGain a local police chief who is coordinating with Jet Aviation to distribute the items to local shelters and those most in need.

The initiative was the brainchild of Tastefully Yours Executive Sous Chef Jameson Penn who set up an initial collection point at Tastefully Yours.

“It was dreadful to see those homes destroyed and families left with literally nothing. While I’m carrying on with my daily routine these displaced families are experiencing real hardship, I just wanted to do something positive to help,” said Jameson about the operation.

Jameson has also enlisted the support of Signature Flight Support which has offered both its Peachtree and Fulton County facilities as donation collection centres. In addition Signature is requesting flights heading into the Eastern states area to transport supplies.

Looking to the future Jameson is planning to meet with aircraft owners, FBOs and international catering companies to set up a network of centres that will help provide immediate relief for future natural disasters where ever they may occur. “Unfortunately we are increasingly experiencing this kind of crisis and the Wings of Relief initiative will aim to be ready and prepared to deal with the next situation when it arises,” concludes Jameson.