TAPJETS introduces private jet loyalty program


TAPJETS, the US-based online instant charter booking platform, has introduced a new loyalty program for its users.

Under the program, regular flyers are rewarded with up to 12 free hours to redeem on future private jet flights.

Higher- tier members can get additional benefits, including free ground transportation, catering, and guaranteed aircraft availability.

“We have listened to our customers, and have designed our loyalty program to their specifications,” says Eugene Kesselman, CEO, TapJets. “This program is everything you ever wanted from a Jet Card without having to buy a Jet Card. You instantly gain access to the largest virtual feet of aircraft that are available at a moment’s notice—all without having to pay thousands of dollars upfront.”

Although the loyalty program has only just been introduced, TAPJETS has retroactively credited hours for all its clients who took flights from the beginning of 2017.

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