Tamarack installs Active Winglets on Cessna Citations


Courtesy of Tamarack Aerospace.

Tamarack Aerospace announced the first installations of Active Winglets on two Cessna Citations at its new installation centre based at the London-Oxford Airport.

Winglets are retrofitted to the wings to help improve the aerodynamics on aircraft. Airbus – which calls them sharklets or riblets – and Boeing have been known to use them to reduce induced drag or drag due to lift.

Tamarack Aerospace founder and CEO, Nick Guida, said: “Keep an eye on us. We’re seeing more demand as word spreads about how the Active Winglet modification saves up to 33% of fuel usage, cuts down on noise pollution with shorter runways needs for take-offs and landings and provides safer and smooth flight.”

One set of the Active Winglets were installed on a CJ1, while the second set were installed on a CJ2 owned by Sovereign Business Jets (SBJ). SBJ has also purchased winglets for one of its other aircraft – a CJ1.

With Jet Maintenance International’s (JMI) expertise, the installation has gone smoothly and has been surprisingly speedy – seven days from start to finish. The performance benefits and the stylish looks of the winglets made this an easy decision for us,” said Barry Chalmers, managing director of SBJ.

Tamarack’s Active Winglets have been approved worldwide on a range of Cessna aircraft, including the CJ1+, M2, CJ2+, CJ3 and CJ3+. Its European Installation Centre opened in July this year and operates independently out of the Oxford Jet Maintenance International (JMI) facility.